These incredibly beautiful 1000  rainforest & escarpment acres were donated to the people of Dalby & District in 1927 by W. M. Russell (of Jimbour House fame). The 6.5 km of walking tracks were created in the early 1980’s  by  crews supervised by the former Wambo Shire Council who manage Russell Park in trust for & behalf of the people of Dalby & Districts for all time.       

Points of interest to see include:

  • the Beauty Spot at Munros Camp
  • Coynes Lookout
  • Carbines Chute
  • Chute No. 3
  • Little Mowbullan
  • Mt Mowbullan
  • Cunjevoi Falls
  • Fishers Lookout

but the whole area is stunning.   

Details of the walks in Russell Park are found on the signs at Munros Camp, Fishers Lookout and the Picnic Area below Mowbullan Guest House.

They are:  

  1. Fisher’s Lookout to Cunjevoi Falls – one way 1290m.  Steep walk for the last 300m
  2. Cunjevoi Falls over Little Mowbullan to Chute No. 3  – 1930m
  3. Chute No. 3 to Picnic Area 1520m    Please take the 60m detour to see Stinger Hole. 
  4. Munros Camp to Carbines Chute 1000m (one way).     

Sit on the seat near Carbines Chute and see if you can spot the magnificent Paradise Rifle Bird in the tree opposite. There is a sign giving a history of this Chute which is very interesting to read.