The Russell Park Mountain Bike trails offer a brand new adrenaline experience for all ages. This exciting new experience consists of 20km of mountain bike trails constructed in Russell Park at the Bunya Mountains. The trails are made up of three designated mountain bike ‘loops’ and one shared trail (walking and bikes). A shared trail connecting Fishers Lookout to Bunya Ave provides access to Dandabah. Catering to all riding abilities, the trails link up with several sites in the area including Russell Park Day Area, Bunya Mountains Outlook (Fishers Lookout) and Rifle Bird Park.

Western Downs Regional Council – Bunya Mountains Bike Trails

Key Features

  • Approximately 18kms of trails in total
  • Three designated trails and one shared use trail of varying lengths rating from easy to easy intermediate
  • Trails range in length from 1.3km to 6.3km
  • Designated interface points to accommodate both the mountain bike trails and the walking trails
  • Designed to preserve the natural environment, minimal footprint in the pristine Bunya Mountains locality.

Trail Information

Trail NameTrail TypeTrail Length*Trail Width*Trail Difficulty
Wamga WayShared use (two-way)1,300m2.0mEasy – Class 4
Serpent SpinLoop (one-way clockwise)6,250m0.8-1.2mEasy/Intermediate
Oh Chute!Loop (one-way clockwise)5,000m0.8-1.2mEasy
Wilf’s Free PassLoop (one-way clockwise)4,700m0.8-1.2mEasy
*Approximate measurements

Easy Trails:

  • Wide trail with a gentle gradient and smooth surface
  • Some obstacles such as roots, logs and rocks
  • Suitable for beginner riders with basic mountain bike skills, and off-road bikes

Easy/Intermediate Trails:

  • Single track with moderate gradients, variable surface and some obstacles such as roots, logs and rocks
  • Suitable for riders with mountain bikes


You’ll find dedicated hygiene stations at the trailheads, these prevent the spread of plant disease such as phytophthora in and out of the park. A fine mist of diluted disinfectant and brushes (won’t hurt your bike’s paintwork) helps keep the park safe.

Along with bike amenities you’ll find new toilets, designated parking, significant landscaping and new picnic settings.

All images and information supplied with permission by Western Downs Regional Council.