Ringtail Lodge

Lot 39 Ringtail Lane — Bunya Mountains Rainforest Estate
  • 4Bedrooms
  • 2Bathrooms
  • 10Max Guests
  • Log Fire
  • Pool Table

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About this property

A credit card hold of $400 is required upon arrival for pre authorization bond for this property.

* Pets are not permitted at any properties. Prices are subject to change from the 1st April of any given year.

  • Indulge with Serendipity in this 4 bedroom; 2 bathroom home for up to 10 people
  • This luxuriously appointed retreat captures all the beauty, charm and charisma of the Bunya Mountains
  • Experience this magnificent timber creation built by exceptional craftsman,
  • incorporating niceties such as quality bedding and Insulated flooring.
  • Spa as well as a Pool Table
  • Views of the rainforest and the South Burnett plains are just breathtaking.


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  • Minimum Stays:
  • 2 nights minimum
  • 3 nights on Long Weekends from Friday- Monday
  • 4 nights Easter and Christmas (no arrivals or departures Christmas day, Boxing day, Good Friday, Easter Saturday or Easter Sunday)
  • 3 nights minimum during June/July School Holidays

Availability Calendar

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Mar 2025$33001$33002$28003$28004$28005$28006$33007$33008$33009$28010$28011$28012$28013$33014$33015$33016$28017$28018$28019


  • Master Bedroom (Downstairs)
  • 1 × Queen Bed
  • Second Bedroom (Downstairs)
  • 1 × Queen Bed
  • Third Bedroom (Upstairs)
  • 1 × Queen Bed
  • 1 × Single Bed
  • Fourth Bedroom (Upstairs)
  • 1 × Queen Bed
  • 1 × Single Bed


  • Views: Rainforest Views and partial South Burnett
  • 2 Storeys
  • 2 Toilets
  • BBQ
  • Pool Table
  • 1 TV
  • DVD Player
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Log Fire
  • 3 Undercover Parking Spaces
  • Clothesline
  • Polished Floors
  • Carpet: No
  • Wheelchair Accessible: No


Lorraine Poth

Hello again ladies, As usual we had a wonderful stay at Bunya Mountains. Thanks to Laura once again for recommending a house that would be suitable for our needs. Once again you were correct! :) As we hadn't stayed in that area before we were a bit hesitant, but it proved to be a very comfortable and interesting stay with heaps of wildlife, including two dingoes that were roaming most mornings. The house was very comfortable and it was very thoughtfully furnished. We only wanted to point out a few minor details just for your maintenance notice. 1. One pool cue clip on the wall was broken (it was like that when we arrived) the clip was placed in a bowl on a nearby shelf. 2. When we took out the electric frypan from the cupboard a black plastic piece of 'something' fell off. We could not find what it fitted, so we left it on the kitchen shelf behind the sink. 3. The binoculars supplied were broken. 4. The windows were streaky/dirty but I just suggest that if there is Windex and a window wiper at least we could have cleaned the windows. (It is not a big issue but just wanted to make a suggestion) 5. Just a note for the cleaners, there is a build up of spider webs on the hanging ornaments in the lounge area. Once again this is not a complaint, just an observation. 6. Apologies as we accidentally brought home a red plastic Decor container from the kitchen, but will return it when we return for our March 'Mother-in-law' visit on 15th. We would definitely recommend this house. My brother really like the aspect and peacefulness. Best wishes. Kind regards, Lorraine and Ron Poth

Paul Findlay

Once again a great few days at a special house, so pleased the BBQ has been replaced.

Les Berghauser

Absolutely beautiful house, loved all the timber work and the view. Kids enjoyed feeding the parrots. Highly recommend to all.

Graeme Schuller

If you can't relax in this house then you aren't trying hard enough. Wonderful.

From $250/night

For up to 4 guests. Extra guests (2 years and over) $30 per night per person.

See Availability Calendar below for seasonal rates.

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