Bunya Avenue — Bunya Mountains Chalets
  • 3Bedrooms
  • 1Bathroom
  • 8Max Guests
  • Log Fire
  • Pool Table

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About this property

A credit card hold of $200 is required upon arrival for pre authorization bond for this property.

* Pets are not permitted at any properties. Prices are subject to change from the 1st April of any given year.

  • Unique cypress pine log construction with 3 bedrooms & 1 bathroom for up to 8 people
  • Includes 1 Q set and 2 Double sets of linen (need to supply or order linen for single beds)
  • Child friendly with fire screen and safety gate. Heavy curtains throughout for the luxury of a sleep in.
  • Want to spread out? Take Warrigal (adjacent) and enjoy the whole building
  • Shared games room with pool table & table tennis  plus use of tennis court (please book)
  • Set amidst  22 acres of manicured grounds adjacent to the National Park walking tracks


  • Minimum Stays:
  • 2 nights minimum
  • 3 nights on Long Weekends from Friday- Monday
  • 4 nights Easter and Christmas (no arrivals or departures Christmas day, Boxing day, Good Friday, Easter Saturday or Easter Sunday)
  • 3 nights minimum during June/July School Holidays

Availability Calendar

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Mar 2024$20001$20002$20003$17004$17005$17006$17007$20008$20009$20010$17011$17012$17013$17014$20015$20016$20017$17018$17019$17020$17021$20022$20023$20024$17025$17026$17027$21028$21029$21030$21031
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May 2024$18001$18002$21003$21004$21005$21006$18007$18008$18009$21010$21011$21012$18013$18014$18015$18016$21017$21018$21019$18020$18021$18022$18023$21024$21025$21026$18027$18028$18029$18030$21031
Jun 2024$21001$21002$21003$21004$21005$21006$21007$21008$21009$21010$21011$21012$21013$21014$21015$21016$21017$21018$21019$21020$21021$21022$21023$21024$21025$21026$21027$21028$21029$21030
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Dec 2024$21001$16002$16003$16004$16005$21006$21007$21008$16009$16010$16011$16012$21013$21014$21015$16016$16017$16018$16019$21020$21021$21022$21023$21024$21025$21026$21027$21028$21029$16030$16031
Jan 2025$16001$16002$21003$21004$21005$16006$16007$16008$16009$21010$21011$21012$16013$16014$16015$16016$21017$21018$21019$16020$16021$16022$16023$21024$21025$21026$21027$16028$16029$16030$21031
Feb 2025$21001$21002$16003$16004$16005$16006$21007$21008$21009$16010$16011$16012$16013$21014$21015$21016$16017$16018$16019$16020$21021$21022$21023$16024$16025$16026$16027$21028
Mar 2025$21001$21002$18003$18004$18005$18006$21007$21008$21009$18010$18011$18012$18013$21014$21015$21016$18017$18018$18019


  • Master Bedroom (Downstairs)
  • 1 × Double Bed
  • 1 × Single Bed
  • Second Bedroom (Upstairs)
  • 1 × Queen Bed
  • Third Bedroom, (Upstairs)
  • 1 × Double Bed
  • 1 × Single Bed


  • Views: Rainforest Views
  • 2 Storeys
  • 1 Toilets
  • BBQ
  • Pool Table
  • 1 TV
  • DVD Player
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Log Fire
  • Electric Blankets
  • Clothesline
  • Polished Floors
  • Carpet: No


Monica Popa


Toni Hoopert

A very enjoyable and relaxing 10 days. Lovely and green. Mirrabooka was a lovely cabin, close to walking tracks, shop, restaurant and cafe. Definitely will be back again as we are most years.

Sarah Jones

The Bunya Mountains is beautiful & very peaceful. However, myself & other guests were very tired by the end of the trip as the beds were small & mattresses very hard & uncomfortable. The walls & ceilings were paper thin so you could hear every little noise in other rooms, I could even hear every word the lady next door was saying on her mobile at 5am. It was very difficult only having 1 toilet between all of us & really bad that there was no lock on the toilet or bathroom doors! On top of that, we were in the middle of making breakfast on the BBQ when the gas ran out, we went to the office only to be told that there was no more gas, very frustrating & inconvenient. In the notes I was told to bring all sorts of things as they were not provided only to arrive to find that it was all there! The website definitely needs updating. We asked a young lady at the bar where the pool table was located only to be told there was no pool table on the whole of the complex, which wasnt true, so maybe staff need to be better informed. Also we were looking forward to the market on Sunday, but it wasn't on for some reason! Aside from all this, we did manage to have a nice time, the accomodation was very nice & well equipped & the area was beautiful but I wouldn't book the same place again for more than 4 people.

Carlyn Rockliff

We loved our time at Mirrabooka! We really appreciated the extra soap, hand sanitizer & cleaning supplies that were provided as a precaution!

From $150/night

For up to 4 guests. Extra guests (2 years and over) $20 per night per person.

See Availability Calendar below for seasonal rates.

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