Lot 68 Rainforest Drive — Bunya Mountains Title Estate
  • 4Bedrooms
  • 3Bathrooms
  • 12Max Guests
  • Log Fire
  • Pool Table

What to bring

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Guest Information (All linen – make beds)

About this property

A credit card hold of $500 is required upon arrival for pre authorization bond for this property.

* Pets are not permitted at any properties. Prices are subject to change from the 1st April of any given year.

  • Magnificent home for up to 8 people with 4 bedrooms; 3 bathrooms, ceiling fans throughout home
  • 2 kitchens; 2 lounge rooms and each one very well equipped
  • Valley views from all aspects of this home
  • Huge covered Deck and glass from floor to ceiling brings the views  into this home
  • Attention to detail with everything in this home is appreciated by all who stay.
  • All is supplied – beds will need to be made.


  • Minimum Stays:
  • 2 nights minimum
  • 3 nights on Long Weekends from Friday- Monday
  • 4 nights Easter and Christmas (no arrivals or departures Christmas day, Boxing day, Good Friday, Easter Saturday or Easter Sunday)
  • 3 nights minimum during June/July School Holidays

Availability Calendar

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Feb 2025$55001$55002$47003$47004$47005$47006$55007$55008$55009$47010$47011$47012$47013$55014$55015$55016$47017$47018$47019$47020$55021$55022$55023$47024$47025$47026$47027$55028
Mar 2025$55001$55002$49003$49004$49005$49006$55007$55008$55009$49010$49011$49012$49013$55014$55015$55016$49017$49018$49019


  • Main Bedroom (Downstairs)
  • 1 × Queen Bed
  • Second Bedroom (Upstairs)
  • 2 × King Single Beds
  • Third Bedroom (Upstairs)
  • 2 × King Single Beds
  • Fourth Bedroom (Upstairs)
  • 1 × King Bed


  • Views: Rainforest Valley
  • 2 Storeys
  • 3 Toilets
  • BBQ
  • Pool Table
  • 2 TV
  • DVD Player
  • Foxtel
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Log Fire
  • 2 Undercover Parking Spaces
  • Electric Blankets
  • Clothesline
  • Polished Floors
  • Carpet: No
  • Wheelchair Accessible: No


Annette Moroney

Quite a few faults which we advised staff when leaving Decks unwashed and cobwebs Outdoor chairs unstable Billiard table felt torn BBQ had accumulated fat No dishwashing tablets Not necessary to post publicly until our return in June

Jane Bridle

We are a group of keen artists who enjoyed our time staying at Eungella. Lots of space for our group to spread out on the top and bottom decks which both had beautiful views overlooking the rainforest at the back and the valley vista from the front deck adjoining Rainforest Rd. The bedrooms and bathrooms were excellent. It had a very well equipped kitchen on the first floor as well as a kitchen below plus a bar area. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

Tess Martin-Wallace


Kara Krista

Had a fabulous time in the Bunya mountains sharing the beautiful Eungella house with lots of women friends. The house is really lovely. Perfectly nestled beside a mountain and trees with views across the valley. We experienced thick foggy mornings, light rain and beautiful sunny days allowing us to enjoy all aspects of mountain life like the (so good, so effective) log fire, masses of bird life and the views across the ranges. The rainforest walks were magical. I'd love to come back after there's been lots of rain to see the waterfalls in their full splendour (and swim in those pristine mountain waters).

From $460/night

For up to 6 guests. Extra guests (2 years and over) $50 per night per person.

See Availability Calendar below for seasonal rates.

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