Cloud Nine

Lot 4 Bunya Mountains Road — Bunya Mountains Local Village
  • 4Bedrooms
  • 3Bathrooms
  • 10Max Guests
  • Log Fire
  • Pool Table

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About this property

A credit card hold of $500 is required upon arrival for pre authorization bond for this property.

* Pets are not permitted at any properties. Prices are subject to change from the 1st April of any given year.

  • Has been extensively renovated and is just a stunning experience for 10 lucky people
  • High on the hill with the extensive views accentuated by large windows throughout
  • The generous deck and sunroom are positioned to get max. northern views of Rainforest Estate and beyond over the rainforest to the horizon
  • Games room with pool table
  • Walking distance to Fishers Lookout and all Bunya Mountains amenities
  • Please note that Easter and 23rd December to New Year’s Day will be charged out at max. occupancy rate of 10 people.


  • Minimum Stays:
  • 2 nights minimum
  • 3 nights on Long Weekends from Friday- Monday
  • 4 nights Easter and Christmas (no arrivals or departures Christmas day, Boxing day, Good Friday, Easter Saturday or Easter Sunday)
  • 3 nights minimum during June/July School Holidays

Availability Calendar

Dec 2023$44001$44002$44003$39004$39005$39006$39007$44008$44009$44010$39011$39012$39013$39014$44015$44016$44017$39018$39019$39020$39021$44022$43023$43024$43025$43026$43027$43028$43029$43030$43031
Jan 2024$43001$43002$43003$43004$43005$43006$43007$39008$39009$39010$39011$44012$44013$44014$39015$39016$39017$39018$44019$44020$44021$39022$39023$39024$43025$43026$43027$43028$39029$39030$39031
Feb 2024$39001$44002$44003$44004$39005$39006$39007$39008$44009$44010$44011$39012$39013$39014$39015$44016$44017$44018$39019$39020$39021$39022$44023$44024$44025$39026$39027$39028$39029
Mar 2024$43001$43002$43003$41004$41005$41006$41007$43008$43009$43010$41011$41012$41013$41014$43015$43016$43017$41018$41019$41020$41021$43022$43023$43024$41025$41026$41027$44028$44029$44030$44031
Apr 2024$44001$44002$44003$44004$44005$44006$44007$44008$44009$44010$44011$44012$44013$44014$42015$42016$42017$42018$44019$44020$44021$42022$42023$42024$42025$44026$44027$44028$42029$42030
May 2024$42001$42002$44003$44004$44005$44006$42007$42008$42009$44010$44011$44012$42013$42014$42015$42016$44017$44018$44019$42020$42021$42022$42023$44024$44025$44026$42027$42028$42029$42030$44031
Jun 2024$44001$44002$44003$44004$44005$44006$44007$44008$44009$44010$44011$44012$44013$44014$44015$44016$44017$44018$44019$44020$44021$44022$44023$44024$44025$44026$44027$44028$44029$44030
Jul 2024$44001$44002$44003$44004$44005$44006$44007$44008$44009$44010$44011$44012$44013$44014$44015$44016$44017$44018$44019$44020$44021$44022$44023$44024$44025$44026$44027$44028$44029$44030$44031
Aug 2024$44001$44002$44003$44004$44005$44006$44007$44008$44009$44010$44011$44012$44013$44014$44015$44016$44017$44018$44019$44020$44021$44022$44023$44024$44025$44026$44027$44028$44029$44030$44031
Sep 2024$44001$42002$42003$42004$42005$44006$44007$44008$42009$42010$42011$42012$44013$44014$44015$44016$44017$44018$44019$44020$44021$44022$44023$44024$44025$44026$44027$44028$44029$42030
Oct 2024$42001$42002$42003$44004$44005$44006$44007$42008$42009$42010$44011$44012$44013$42014$42015$42016$42017$44018$44019$44020$42021$42022$42023$42024$44025$44026$44027$42028$42029$42030$42031
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Dec 2024$44001$40002$40003$40004$40005$44006$44007$44008$40009$40010$40011$40012$44013$44014$44015$40016$40017$40018$40019$44020$44021$44022$44023$44024$44025$44026$44027$44028$44029$40030$40031
Jan 2025$40001$40002$44003$44004$44005$40006$40007$40008$40009$44010$44011$44012$40013$40014$40015$40016$44017$44018$44019$40020$40021$40022$40023$44024$44025$44026$44027$40028$40029$40030$44031
Feb 2025$44001$44002$40003$40004$40005$40006$44007$44008$44009$40010$40011$40012$40013$44014$44015$44016$40017$40018$40019$40020$44021$44022$44023$40024$40025$40026$40027$44028
Mar 2025$44001$44002$42003$42004$42005$42006$44007$44008$44009$42010$42011$42012$42013$44014$44015$44016$42017$42018$42019


  • Master Bedroom with ensuite
  • 1 × King Bed
  • Second Bedroom with ensuite
  • 1 × Queen Bed
  • 1 × Single Bed
  • Third Bedroom (Upstairs)
  • 1 × Queen Bed
  • Fourth Bedroom (Upstairs)
  • 1 × Double Bed
  • 2 × Single Beds


  • Views: Rainforest Views and partial South Burnett
  • 3 Storeys
  • 4 Toilets
  • BBQ
  • Pool Table
  • 1 TV
  • DVD Player
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Log Fire
  • 2 Undercover Parking Spaces
  • Clothesline
  • Polished Floors
  • Carpet: Yes - Bedrooms
  • Wheelchair Accessible: No


Vaishali Amin

We enjoyed it a lot our stay at the Cloud Nine property. We enjoyed a homely environment with Indian homemade food. Everything was very well organized. We enjoyed every minute of our stay. We cooked our Indian food with love while watching wildlife. We will recommend to all our friends and families to explore the same experience we had.

Raina Fernandes

It was indeed a very relaxing place to stay and the house was very well looked after and kept clean and tidy.Would definately come back again maybe winter this time.

Ken Horton

Cloud Nine was wonderful accommodation for our 3 night stay - great views, well appointed, plenty of space, good separation of bedrooms and very comfortable living areas. We would definitely stay again.

Jaide Vanneste

Cloud nine was the perfect property for a holiday with an group of friends with young children. 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms meant everyone had their own space. Lots of bit and pieces in the kitchen to help with the prep of meals. Board games and DVDs galore. The lounge room was the perfect space for sharing. We can’t wait to come back.

From $390/night

For up to 6 guests. Extra guests (2 years and over) $30 per night per person.

See Availability Calendar below for seasonal rates.

Availability Map