Allen’s UTM

Lot 17 Bunya Ave — Bunya Mountains Local Village
  • 3Bedrooms
  • 1Bathroom
  • 6Max Guests
  • Log Fire

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About this property

A credit card hold of $200 is required upon arrival for pre authorization bond for this property.

* Pets are not permitted at any properties. Prices are subject to change from the 1st April of any given year.

  • Compact family home for up to 6 people with 3 bedrooms & 1 bathroom
  • Easy stroll to all amenities
  • Security doors and windows to keep out unwanted insects and wildlife, Industrial Floor Fans
  • Kitchen is very thoughtfully stocked with lots of extras
  • Well maintained and much loved home
  • Extensive Verandahs
  • 1 Q, 4 S (BYO Linen)


  • Minimum Stays:
  • 2 nights minimum
  • 3 nights on Long Weekends from Friday- Monday
  • 4 nights Easter and Christmas (no arrivals or departures Christmas day, Boxing day, Good Friday, Easter Saturday or Easter Sunday)
  • 3 nights minimum during June/July School Holidays

Availability Calendar

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Mar 2024$20001$20002$20003$18004$18005$18006$18007$20008$20009$20010$18011$18012$18013$18014$20015$20016$20017$18018$18019$18020$18021$20022$20023$20024$18025$18026$18027$21028$21029$21030$21031
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May 2024$19001$19002$21003$21004$21005$21006$19007$19008$19009$21010$21011$21012$19013$19014$19015$19016$21017$21018$21019$19020$19021$19022$19023$21024$21025$21026$19027$19028$19029$19030$21031
Jun 2024$21001$21002$21003$21004$21005$21006$21007$21008$21009$21010$21011$21012$21013$21014$21015$21016$21017$21018$21019$21020$21021$21022$21023$21024$21025$21026$21027$21028$21029$21030
Jul 2024$21001$21002$21003$21004$21005$21006$21007$21008$21009$21010$21011$21012$21013$21014$21015$21016$21017$21018$21019$21020$21021$21022$21023$21024$21025$21026$21027$21028$21029$21030$21031
Aug 2024$21001$21002$21003$21004$21005$21006$21007$21008$21009$21010$21011$21012$21013$21014$21015$21016$21017$21018$21019$21020$21021$21022$21023$21024$21025$21026$21027$21028$21029$21030$21031
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Oct 2024$19001$19002$19003$21004$21005$21006$21007$19008$19009$19010$21011$21012$21013$19014$19015$19016$19017$21018$21019$21020$19021$19022$19023$19024$21025$21026$21027$19028$19029$19030$19031
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Dec 2024$21001$17002$17003$17004$17005$21006$21007$21008$17009$17010$17011$17012$21013$21014$21015$17016$17017$17018$17019$21020$21021$21022$21023$21024$21025$21026$21027$21028$21029$17030$17031
Jan 2025$17001$17002$21003$21004$21005$17006$17007$17008$17009$21010$21011$21012$17013$17014$17015$17016$21017$21018$21019$17020$17021$17022$17023$21024$21025$21026$21027$17028$17029$17030$21031
Feb 2025$21001$21002$17003$17004$17005$17006$21007$21008$21009$17010$17011$17012$17013$21014$21015$21016$17017$17018$17019$17020$21021$21022$21023$17024$17025$17026$17027$21028
Mar 2025$21001$21002$19003$19004$19005$19006$21007$21008$21009$19010$19011$19012$19013$21014$21015$21016$19017$19018$19019


  • Master Bedroom
  • 1 × Queen Bed
  • Second Bedroom
  • 2 × Single Beds
  • Third Bedroom
  • 2 × Single Beds


  • Views: Rainforest Views
  • 1 Storeys
  • 1 Toilets
  • BBQ
  • 1 TV
  • DVD Player
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Log Fire
  • 2 Undercover Parking Spaces
  • Electric Blankets
  • Carpet: Yes - Bedrooms
  • Wheelchair Accessible: No



Allen's UTM is lovely: Cosy, extremely comfortable and in a great position to enjoy the wildlife-especially the birds. The kitchen was well stocked- in terms of appliances etc. …Very comfortable beds. Plus the property is a only a short walk to the village.

Belinda Breust

Bunya Mountains is beautiful and Allens UTM was a great place to stay. Very comfortable!

Helen St John

This house is in a good location and very peaceful. The birds and wallabies are wonderful. Lots of thoughtful touches make this a home away from home.

Clare Richards

Lovely house about 500m from The Bunyas and Poppies - an easy walk. The house itself had 3 bedrooms and the bed was one of the comfier ones I have stayed on. One thing to note is there isn't a standard oven (but there is an "oven" that is on the bench that also toasts and does all sorts of things - and it was easy to use). Recommend you bring your own towels - while there was bedding linen and pillows provided - so we brought our own bedding as it said "no linen provided" on the website - we did forget the towels! Lesson learnt. The fire was amazing to put on at night as it got down to 8 degrees and the beauty of staying at Bunya was we could do early morning walks and didn't meet another person - so we saw quite a lot of bird life and pandemelons and wallabies. Bunya is such a special place and we would recommend staying at Allen's UTM. Super quiet, convenient, and a carport as well. We had king parrots and rosella's landing on the balcony and cockatoos were abundant - it was so delightful. Highly recommended.

From $160/night

For up to 4 guests. Extra guests (2 years and over) $20 per night per person.

See Availability Calendar below for seasonal rates.

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