Walking Tracks

Walking track maps for the National Park and Russell Park and overview map of Bunya Mountains are  available from park office, or can be downloaded here.

National Park

Visitors can choose what they would like to experience and how far they wish to walk.  The shortest walk in is a 500 m stroll while the largest circuit is 10km.  An all-day (approx. 20km walk) is to walk from Dandabah to Mt Kiangarow along the spectacular walking tracks.  Return by track or road (road is shorter).  All the National Park walking tracks pass through diverse vegetation which can include dense rainforest to balds to forested areas.  The views and waterfalls are spectacular.

1. Bunya Bunya Track – 500m.   takes you from the back of the camping area at Dandabah over the swamp and Saddletree Creek to the picnic area.  Many of the trees are named and the satin bower bird bower is a must see.  Approx. 15 – 20 minutes and a fairly easy walk.

2. Scenic Circuit Track – 4km.  Is the most popular track as it takes in Festoon Falls; Pine Gorge lookout with its grasstrees along the ridge plus breathtaking valley views to the north and east as well.  (You can see some chalets in Bunya Mountains Titles Estate); Tim Shea falls and numerous rocky pools.  This is an easy walk with interpretative signs.  The rainforest is just beautiful!  An added bonus is walking through the strangular fig.  Approx. 1 hour 20 mins.

3. Barker Creek Circuit Track – 10km return.  Access to this track is via Dandabah or Paradise Falls Car Park.  Enjoy Paradise Falls, Little Falls and the Big Falls 122m drop (most spectacular after heavy rain) before it links in with the 4km scenic circuit.  Choose to add an extra 1.5km (750 each way) to take in Big Falls Lookout and Barkers Creek gorge of the valley & plains below.  For an extra approx. 1km choose the alternate Pine Gorge Lookout and Festoon Falls route instead of the shorter Tim Shea Falls leg of the 4km scenic circuit.   Either way – take a picnic lunch and enjoy this outstanding walk and the beauty of Bunya Mountains.

4. Barkers Creek Lookout – 5.4km return 2 hours.  Cut out the 4km scenic circuit leg to enjoy Paradise Falls, Little Falls, Big Falls (and the bald areas around Big Falls) to culminate in the Big Falls and Barkers Creek lookouts.

5. Westcliff Track – 3.2km and 1.5km return by road. (Total 4.7kms).   2 – 3 hours.  Choose whether to start or finish at Dandabah or Westcott Camping Area.  The track follows part of the cliff line on the mountains’ western side, taking in the spectacular views over the Darling Downs.   Enjoy the mountains’ diverse vegetation types from rainforest to balds, to open eucalypt forest with a grasstree understorey.

6. Koondaii Lookout circuit track – 2.5 km return.  1 hour.  From Westcott take the left hand fork (to better appreciate the view as you are facing it) looking out over the Koondaii Valley.  The township of Bell is behind the hill to the right.  Enjoy walking back through the rainforest to Westcott.  This is a relatively easy but very striking walk.

7. Westcott Plain Track – 4.8km and 1.8km return by road (6.8km) 2 – 3 hours.  Enjoy the stunning valley views as you meander along the cliff face between Westcott Camping Area and Cherry Plains Car Park.  The Cherry Plains lookout is spectacular. Be sure to spot the bright yellow flowers of the King Orchids during September/October hanging tightly onto the cliff faces.

8. Cherry Plain track – 6km and 2.4 km return by road (8.4km) 3 – 4 hours.  The Cherry Plain – Burtons Well track is more spectacular if you start your walk at Cherry Plains and meander along the cliff faces and through the Bunya forests to Burtons Well – a gradual uphill climb.  Walk mostly downhill back to Cherry Plains and your vehicle.  As with the Westcott Plan Track,  King Orchids can be found, clinging tightly to the cliff faces and flower spectacularly yellow in September/October.

9. Mt Kiangarow Track – 2.3km return or 1 hour.  Cross the road from Burtons Well Camping/Picnic area to begin this spectacular walk.  Enjoy the rainforest, views to the north, south and west, grasstrees and being at the highest point on the mountain (1135m). Excellent vantage point for horizon sunsets (along with Fishers Lookout) or just seeing another (Western) aspect from Bunya Mountains.

Russell Park Walking Tracks

10. Carbine’s Chute – (an easy, level walk) 2km or approx. 1 hour. Begins at Munro’s camp.  Stroll through the picturesque and peaceful rainforest (you will also see Palms in the gullys) to emerge at a bald spur.  A plaque commemorates Carbines Chute where for over 100 years, logs were rolled down the mountain to be taken to sawmills at the bottom.  Toilets are provided as is drinking water from the WA Russell fountain.

11. Picnic Area to Chute No. 3 – 3.4 km return or 1.5 – 2 hours.  Park in the Picnic Area below Mowbullan Guest House and follow the track (there is a large walking track sign at the entrance to the walk) down to the Chute.   You will travel through rainforest; forests and bald areas.   It is a steady climb from Chute No. 3 back to the Picnic Area.

12. Fishers Lookout to Cunjevoi Falls – 4.2km return or 2 – 3 hoursWalk steeply downhill through the rainforest, crossing a couple of gullies, until you come out into forest country.  Follow the signs; go through a turn style down to Cunjevoi Falls.  This very pretty spot gives you a limited (by trees) view over the valleys below.  The area is characterised by hoop pines.  It is a steady uphill walk back up to the top of the mountain and Fishers Lookout.

13. Picnic Area to Fishers Lookout Circuit Track – 3.4km and 720m return by road (4.2kms or 2 – 3 hours).  Add in track to Chute No. 3 and return for a total walk of 6.4km or approx.  3 – 4 hours.   Recommendation – leave your car at Fisher’s Lookout and walk downhill to begin the walk at the Picnic Area.  It is always great to know your car is waiting for you once you have climbed back up the mountain to Fishers Lookout.   This walk is spectacular but is not for the unfit as the hills can be quite challenging.  It includes walks No. 11 & 12 with the linking track climbing over Little Mowbullan (931m) and the bald areas.   Look out for a side track near the summit of Little Mowbullan.  There is a rocky seat where you can catch your breath and enjoy the stunning views over the southern plains.