Details of some commonly found wildlife at Bunya Mountains National Park

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Wallabies Redneck wallabies are the most common found on the top of the mountain. You will also see the rainforest dwelling Swamp wallabies – these are a darker brown colour with a black stipe along their backs. Black-striped wallabies and the smaller pademelans are readily seen in Bunya Mountains’s foothills. Redneck wallabies are quiet and used to people being nearby. Watch joeys hop out of their mum’s pouches and hop madly around the grass before re-entering the safety of the pouch in one giant leap. Some poor mums have huge joeys still in the pouch – the bulge is so large it almost drags on the ground.

Possums The most commonly seen possum is the brushtail. This is the one most likely to march into your house and raid the kitchen for food if you happen to leave the back door open. They are particularly cute when babies are clinging to their backs. In some houses, the possums scratch at the door asking for food. Spotlighting can be quite rewarding if you can see sugar & squirrel gliders and the shy, smaller ringtail possum whose tail has a very distinctive curl or ring. The gliders have a membrane between their legs which allows them to glide effortlessly from tree to tree.

Bandicoots are busy little marsupials. You can see them at night and see their evidence the next morning of holes in your lawn where they have dug up juicy grubs for dinner. There are 2 types at Bunya Mountains – distinguished by the length of their noses.

Echidnas are found at the top of the mountain but are more commonly seen around the base. As you approach the base of the Mountains, look carefully at the road sides for these cute little animals. When disturbed, they roll up into a ball and dig their claws firmly into the soil so they are not easy to dislodge. If you wait quietly, after a time they will perceive danger has passed, uncurl and continue on their way.

Yellow footed antechinus can be seen at night. They are very fast, agile and are great hunters. They are the size of a large mouse.

Goannas can often be seen on the approaches to Bunya Mountains but not so commonly seen on the top of the mountain.

Snakes are around but rarely sighted. If you are lucky enough to spot a snake, leave it in peace and it will do the same to you.

Frogs are very busy making their distinctive species sounds before or during rain. You may be lucky enough to find a gorgeous green tree frog in your bathroom. Take it outside gently in a towel.


Echidnas – short beaked

Marsupial Carnivores
Yellow footed antechinus
Common planigale

Northern Brown bandicoot
Long nosed bandicoot


Possums & Gliders
Sugar glider
Squirrel glider
Bunya Mountains ringtail possum
Common brushtail possum
Mountain brushtail possum

Kangaroos, wallabies and bettongs
Rufous bettong
Black-striped wallaby
Whiptail wallaby
Red-necked wallaby
Eastern grey Kangaroo
Red-legged pademelon
Red-necked pademelon
Swamp wallaby

Little mastiff-bat
White-striped mastiff-bat
Gould’s wattled bat
Hoary bat
Little cave eptesicus
Little forest eptesicus
Great pipistrelle
Golden-tipped bat
Little bent-wing bat
Common bent-wing bat
Lessor long-eared bat
Goulds long-eared bat
Greater broad-nosed bat
Little broad-nosed bat

Native Rodents
Fawn-footed melomys
Bush Rat
Swamp Rat

Tusked frog
Common eastern froglet
Eastern banjo frog
Ornate burrowing frog
Brown striped frog
Spotted grass frog
Great barred frog
Giant barred frog
A frog
Common green tree frog
Orange-eyed green tree frog
Dainty green tree frog
Gunther’s frog
Lesueur’s frog
Rocket frog


Nobbi Dragon
Eastern Water Dragon
Eastern Bearded Dragon

Robust velvet gecko
Thick tailed gecko

Snake Lizards
Legless lizard
Burtons’s snake lizard

Gould’s goanna
Lace monitor

Skinks (16 species recorded to date)
5 Unnamed species
Fence skink
Yakka skink
Fire-tailed skink
Scute nosed skink
Copper tailed skink
Major skink
Tree skink
Barred-sided skink
Foraging litter skink
Eastern blue tongued lizard
Pink tongued lizard

Children’s Python
Carpet Python

Colubrid Snakes (Rear Fanged & solid Toothed)
Common Tree Snake

Blind Snakes 
Blind Snake

Elapid Snakes (front fanged)
White crowned snake
Yellow-faced whip snake
Red-naped snake
Eastern tiger snake
Red-bellied black snake
Eastern brown snake
Eastern small-eyed snake
Bandy bandy

Feral Animals

Cane Toads (around base of the mountain)