Looking for a real challenge? Try pitting your legs against the climbs of the Bunyas! There’s a good reason the Tour of Toowoomba’s mountain stage finishes at the top of the Bunya Mountains, it’s one of the most challenging climbs in the region.

The North, South and Eastern approaches are each categorised as Category 2 climbs and include sections of 20% gradients. Good luck beating the NRS Pros on Strava.

Even the relatively short road along the top of of the mountain is undulating with some short climbs, under the cool canopy of the rainforest.

Please note: these challenging climbs obviously mean very sharp and narrow descents. Given the darkness under the canopy, potentially wet roads and abundance of wildlife one should proceed with extreme caution if riding down the mountain. Better yet arrange a SAG wagon for the way down and ride back up (you might need to be collected by them on the way up, too!)

The local area around the mountain is relatively flat by comparison and offers good riding between the country towns in the area. The Maclagan general store even does a surprisingly good coffee along with a classic egg and bacon roll.